GARMIN, a Faces Favourite.

Garmin wearables are reliable, easy-to-use, multipurpose and come with innovative features; which are tailored to every athlete, rider, road or trail runner’s needs. To name but a few of Garmin’s features, their sport and fitness products are user-friendly, include GPS trackers, advanced performance metrics, GPS satellite navigation and long-lasting battery life.

With 2-months to go until trail-runners line-up at the start of the Otter African Trail Race, organisers are excited to announce Garmin as the official device partner for this 2021’s event. Garmin is a prestigious brand, “built to last” and trusted by many elite athletes, their products prove the perfect training and racing devices. Garmin ambassadors Landie Greyling and Christiaan Greyling, both Otter African Trail Race title-holders, shared that they created their training program for this year’s event on their Garmin devices and “could not recommend the brand strongly enough.” 

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Photograph by: Otter African Trail Race.

In addition to Garmin’s exciting partnership with Otter African Trail Race, Garmin is partnering with Cape Town Trail Marathon and Ride Joburg. 

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