‘Jess Meniere’

Jess’ international upbringing, around-the-world-travels, schooling and living, found her yearning for sense of self and belonging. Lost in the myriad of multi-cultures and foreign languages, Jess returned to South Africa to find her home and heart buried deep in the ocean floor, on footpaths that clung to the mountains and amongst people that shared a burning passion.

While by no means a professional, Jess tells the story of an “everyday athlete,” who celebrates her homecoming to South Africa, of finding her belonging and connection to the outdoors and happiness only 5kms from where she lives. She celebrates Cape Town’s natural beauty, and while many choose to leave, she has chosen to stay and has made her ordinary, extraordinary.

Filmed and edited by Tao Farren, with Jess Meniere as producer and Tracy Farren as script supervisor.

A Faces production – committed to telling the story of everyday peoples’ extraordinary.