John & Mark Collins | Founding Brothers of the Otter African Trail Race

John & Mark Collins | The Founding Brothers

This is a story about adventure, brother-hood, endurance, pushing the limits and immersing oneself in nature. It’s a story about our home-playgrounds, the remoteness and vastness of our local trails and the profound sense of humility that comes with running along a 42km strip of pristine-coastline trail. It’s a story about The Otter African Trail Race, an event simply like no other. 

The Faces Media team, alongside renowned trail-racing videographer Damien Schumann, ran the Otter Trail with founding brothers John and Mark Collins, to document and narrate the transformation of this unspoiled hiking trail into the now renowned one-day race.

At the very heart of the Otter African Trail Race is the safeguarding of our incredible, untamed trails. The race’s message remains, “to ensure the environment is better for you having participated in the event;” a truth which both brothers, John and Mark, have carried with them since the inception of the race. They share their Otter-journey, emphasising “that trail running is more than just a sport, it’s a movement,” which actively paves the way forward in protecting the spaces we cherish.