the knowledge we acquired the hard way

The knowledge we acquired the hard way yesterday…

Lighthouse to Lighthouse – the route idea stemmed from wanting to run across (our home town) the Cape Peninsula, following as much mountain trail as possible! A route that we estimated would be close to 85km and take in multiple trail sections (with a little road thrown in).

We started our watches at 9 am at the famous Cape Point lighthouse (known to many as the most Southern Tip of South Africa – which is technically incorrect but works for the tourists!). A late start in the SA summer heat because the Cape Point Nature Reserve opens late. The first 30km were phenomenal, following some of the most scenic coastal trails you’ll find anywhere in the world.

After that… things went a bit south. We hit some sandy and hot trails! And radiating tar roads which combined slowed us down enough to mean that it was impossible to reach our destination within the 9 pm curfew. (In SA if you miss curfew, you’ll likely spend the night in jail…not good!)

We resigned at 55km, after a great day of adventure! Involving all types of fun. The plan is to go back in a few weeks with the knowledge we acquired the hard way yesterday and finish it off.